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How did 2023 go by so fast?

“Autumn teaches us the beauty of letting go.

Growth requires release — it’s what the trees do.”

~~~ka-ala @alohakaala

I am still shaking my head as I write this is it possible that 2023 flew by so quickly?

It is probably related to the fact that things started very slowly. Our first few months of the year were so very quiet as people considered their budgets, their plans with family and friends, and whether we might be back to a "new normal" way of doing things.

Of course, with the arrival of Spring it suddenly became apparent --- everyone wanted to celebrate life! We have had our best and busiest year, full of guests and a whirlwind of activity. We are so grateful to all of you for your patronage and continued support.

Soon we will begin our sixth year as owners and caretakers of this wonderful old place on Mentor Avenue. It has been a pleasure to host and serve thousands of visitors in their celebrations at Candoren since 2019. We hope everyone has enjoyed the gift of hospitality, while feeling welcomed and refreshed by their time spent in our lovingly restored, spacious 1895 mansion.

​And now we wish all of you the merriest, brightest, coziest and most memorable holiday season ever!

Warmest regards, Lisa and Bill Lewins

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