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Old Holiday Memories make me treasure the new ones even more...

"It's not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving." ~~Mother Theresa

This time of year highlights the blessings that come from giving, along with the rich emotions that come from taking care of others. Each year it seems to be more and more delightful to give than to receive. It seems especially poignant to realize that after celebrating five-and-one-half decades of Christmas, the number ahead may very well be less than the number behind. All of which makes me wipe away a tear and resolve to celebrate EVERYTHING more generously, making it bigger, better and bolder, with more LOVE and more JOY!!!

We hope that the thousands of guests who have visited Candoren since 2019 could feel the gift of hospitality, where they were welcomed and enriched

by time spent in our lovingly restored, spacious 1895 mansion.

It seems that every day is just a little more special when crystal and china,antique linens and flatware, original fixtures and hardwood floors provide a historical setting to retreat from a busy, fast-paced modern life. At Candoren, every gathering is customized for you, whether it is an onsite retreat, a special event for the day, a big-flowered-hat tea party, a catered company meeting, an overnight celebration, or a relaxed family reunion week full of those you love most! Contact us for a tour of our lovely home and event space, and we will help you plan your theme, a fabulous event layout, and your choices of food, beverages and decor. We help make your entertaining simple, fun, and affordable.

Warmest regards to you and yours, Lisa

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