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10 reasons we started a business...Part I

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

This journey to starting Candoren LLC started in 1994 when I met my amazing husband, as we get ready to enter this next phase of our life, there are always questions about how we decided to do this crazy project?#$%? Here is a look back at the "rest of the story."

#10 Bill and I met at Lakeland Community College in an English class. Between working full-time and going to night school, we did not have much time or money...but we both loved travel, history, art, music, learning about different cultures, and exploring the work of craftspeople in old houses, flea markets, antique stores and any other places we visited.

#9 I found an old dresser at a garage sale and we refinished the piece in the back parking lot of my apartment building! Still have it...and still love it...

#8 Bill installed a $40 ceiling fan from Home Depot in my tiny apartment bedroom...and I realized my unexplainable, irrational attraction to a man with tools!

Check back soon for more reasons! ;)

Our lovely wedding china...Darjeeling by Royal Doulton. We spent 20 years collecting all the pieces!
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