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10 reasons we started a business...Part II

#7 We have trouble sitting still. My family used to call it "ants in the pants" because of our need to be busy all the time. We love to work on projects, go discover new things, and overcome challenges (especially if people tell us we cannot do it!).

#6 Meeting new people and learning about their background is one of our favorite things to do. Through our work, school and church experiences, we have met people from hundreds of cultures all over the world. Over 50 overnight guests have stayed with us since our first African Baptist Church visitor came for a weekend in 1999.

#5 Fixing up and decorating our home is a fun hobby for us. We love architecture, design and finding treasures that might otherwise be lost (especially where others just see junk!). In the 25 years since we have known each other, we have remodeled several kitchens and bathrooms, replaced windows and doors, installed hardwood flooring and tile, and have finished a 1400 square foot daylight basement. for the next blog post coming soon!

The newly painted entry porch...what a difference!

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