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What a difference a PORCH makes!

As we finish our Top 10 Reasons for starting a business...I have honestly been waiting for a front porch since the beginning of May. And that is why it took so long to finish this list. Without a porch on the house, it was like having our path to the beautiful outdoors blocked! Plus it looked like something huge was missing from the front of the house and the angles were all out of proportion.

It has been so difficult working hard on the rest of the project while waiting months upon end for the plans and money and work crews to come together to finish this crucial piece of our vision. Finally, my prayers have been answered. What a beautiful blessing!

Without further are the Final Four!

#4 Painesville and Lake County, Ohio are wonderful places full of diverse and caring people. We love the affordable cost of living, the history of the Western Reserve heritage, and the opportunity to save and repurpose an old house.

#3 Our kids do not really want us around too much...unless they need money or transportation or food. Enough said. (P.S. they are teenagers!) We have a lot of extra time on our hands which used to be spent hanging out with our four favorite people...

#2 Building a business to bring people together and help them celebrate their most memorable times in life is a wonderful privilege and blessing and opportunity!

#1 Making this dream a reality with Bill and our incredibly supportive team of work crews has been better ( and at times so much more challenging!) than I could ever have imagined. It has tested my faith, stretched my abilities, and created new understanding for me in every area of my life.

I would like to challenge each of you to try the project that scares you move forward with the idea that terrifies and yet compels you to just give it a work on that dream that seems unreachable. Your faith only needs to be the size of a mustard seed.

Thanks for reading this...and I hope we see you at Candoren sometime soon!

Stop by anytime you see my Suburban in the driveway. Or call / text for an appointment.

Warmest regards, Lisa xoxo

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